Friday, October 8, 2010

Is he the one for me?

Last night my friends SMS me that we are going to meet our fellow alumni and alumnae. I saw him, he placed a chair for me and I sat beside him. They drank alcohol. Our Alumnus named Pat was there and what a co- incidence that my two former office mates were there too Raul and Leonard. Leonard admitted that he was interested in me. Too bad we see each other I don't like him. He told Pat that he was interested in me. So Pat vocalized it in the crowd and asking for permission to our moderator if Leonard and I can talk. I hate the stance. I was pissed off in that situation. My moderator spoke to it, she said; "Ask Tan".. Pat was intrigued and ask Tan about me. I heard Tan said "I like her, before, until now." And so I was shocked of what I've heard!

I remember when we were watching concert for a cause, for the cancer patients of Davao Medical Center. He sat beside me, he cracked a joke that made me laugh and that's the time he caught my attention. He's a jolly good man he's one of the clown in our organization. I just knew him that way and we're civil.

He's a friend of mine he's name is Tan. We've been friends for two(2) years we're both member of on one of the highest and respective organization in school. Together with the rest member of the org, we used to talk twice a month every time the org had something to be tackled or every growth sessions.

I like him as a friend he used to send an update about himself. I was busy by then and I forgot to text him back. Am I just that kind of sensitive?. That even him I don't really noticed that he has a feelings for me.

He sent me home and stated his feelings for me... I told him that I'm not ready yet. I am not prepared for a relationship and I need to establish first myself. But we'll see and he replied to me.. I won't give up on you. Char! :-)

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