Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pizza With Friends

I just got here at Don Beppe a Pizza Haus in Davao City. We're having meeting our my fellow alumnae. Also met with new friends a friend of friend. Well, here we go again talking about old days and updates. Here's a friend of mine he was so very vocal, he told us that he got jealous to someone. I just laughed 'coz I know who that someone he was talking about.

Heres other friend of mine that she told us that she has lots of plan and will going to meet some new people and new places tomorrow. I like her progress she's so well determined and a very hard worker one. The establishment that she was currently working was very lucky to have her for being so effective and productive.

The other one was murmuring she really wants to end her employment and pass a resignation letter to the school where she at right now. She don't like her job and the working environment of that place.

The other one was talking about her new suitor, she sounds so excited to her disposition right now. She seems very contented of her job. And at this moment she was teasing me about my love story... While me? talking with Tan on the phone.

This day was so hectic for me but at least got some achievement and finished the tasks that I have. So can we call it a night???.... Goodnight everyone!

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  1. angsarap naman nung pizza...pagkatapos nung durian ngayon pizza naman...anu kayang next???hehe