Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My friend ______.

My friend ______ , keep insisting about his love for me but I can't love him the way he want me to love him... He said that I am the right girl for him. And I disagree. I kept opposing and insisting since before and now that I am not that girl and that only I can offer him friendship. May he take it or leave it. He felt bad... and keep shouting on his wall that he was rejected and abandoned. I believe that he wasn't over yet with his past relationship. He still misses his ex girl friend. He has lots of issue. He wasn't able to bear it, and remain stagnant in his life without any progress I was thinking sometimes that as what I have observed his past relationship has been patterned. I told him before that he should fix first himself and be whole before making and building new intimate relationship. He said that maybe I'll be the one who could fix his life. I vary that statement I said NO! I can't do that... You can and must do it!. I used to pray for him and for his relationship to God. I just hope that he will be okay and let Jesus will be the center of his being.

Just because I don't love him the way he want me to, doesn't mean I dont love him with all I have. I love him as my friend thats all I can give.have.

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