Thursday, April 5, 2012

I let you go

I kept on wondering where did I go wrong. I know I am not clean I also have my lapses. I have done things that made you mad at me. And despite of everything that our relationship wasnt going on that well.

I think of now that we are not compatible. I already knew from the very beginning but it was happened that I decided to love and commit to you and once I made a decision it was fix and it cannot be dismantled.

But on what happened on the two of us we became strangers now and it was sad to think that you cannot make friends with me. So I wont insist myself to you anymore my friendship. I am processed through a recovery by the help of my friends and of course with the divine interventions.

I've learned a lot from our relationship and I thank you for that. I already accepted the fact that we are just passer by in to our lives. I am my way of peace now and fully be healed. I am willing to love again of course that is guided by God and willing to love another man for love is always in me. I live to love and be loved.

I can forgive myself now for loving someone like you. I can forgive myself now for degrading myself for you. I forgive myself now for doing things that makes myself at stake. Therefore I forgive you with your words and actions intentional or unintentional I forgive you. May we be peaceful and filled with loving kindness. I am my way of peace...

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