Friday, March 9, 2012


I’ve been thinking of what’s the problem of me towards our relationship. I understand you already, and I find myself listing these things so I made a list of where did I go wrong.

I now realized that it’s hard for you to see me that I’m closing my world and box myself only for you and even I forget my friends and family.

I didn’t trust you in some part. But I tell I did trust your heart and you as a whole of loving me.
I can easily give my trust on you now as I have my faith in God.

My stubbornness makes you feel irritable.

My clinginess makes you feel suffocated.

You don’t want to text while you are with your friends because you are having a great time with them as an extension of yourself. I just realized just now that you want to have time with yourself , same here.

You do not want me to text you all the time. My apology If I always seek attention by having the initiative that man should do for woman to know the whereabouts as we do have commitment for each other as communication is very much important in the relationship. As you want to win me while you were just courting me. I just want those to continue but I can now understand you now for not texting because you are not used to do it.

Those bad words you hate about. I can tame my tongue of course im not used to it. I know myself.

You want to go out with friends and wid yourself alone , I realize I am too.
I ve been selfish I admit it. I can now know my limitations.

You want to have time for yourself to grow. Same here I also understand it.

I questioned your truthfulness oftentimes but tell you I really appreciate your sincerity which is your best quality.

Sorry if I kept on asking you things. Like investigating I just want to communicate without minding my way of questioning. I love to talk and text. But now I understand that you hate texting.

I know you do not want a text minute by minute I understand it now. If I am asking if what you are doing sorry I am expecting that you must do it for me I was just making the initiative. I should pull out this expectation.

I understand now that you only want to see each other in every week ends. I now understand it. I know how to work for it. But needs communication sometimes because I will miss you.

I understand that you only need is understanding. I can now understand that dili ka maktext.

I should have put in my mind to understand that I should love myself first before loving you. Trust myself and others.

I understand that you often times mis interpret the facial reaction of my family members but I assure you , they are not mad at you instead they like you a lot for being so kind and generous.

I am wondering if you are thinking if what are my family thinking about you. They didn’t knew it. Except my cuzins. They always support my decision in loving you of my own ways. They are also supportive on whatever decision you have for me.

I understand that your patience mahurot pud. I know naa pud koy attitude labaw na kung ting period na that sometimes you never understands that na mag bago2x ug isip.. naa koy inconsistency I decide and change the decision.. this is biological and hard to control but I can now make myself better to control it.

I understand you get angry regarding my investigative cues regarding your family. Sorry and I mean it I am willing to suffer for it.

I understand that I should review on myself to not be jealous always. And you understand that sometimes I need you to remind me of that.

I admit natuok ka sa akoa.. I can make it better if you will help me on it pero you break up wid me wala nako ma himu…

I've met our old friends nagsabay sila last march 8 its my freewill and pls don’t think na gigamit lang nako sila those people were important and part of me also. Wala taka gtabunan sa ilaha. I just making myself refresh with them as I miss them and myself.

I cant do nothing to get you back but rather I should work on myself hard to become a better person and be recovered..

tama past is past I should move on thanks for reading this nakatabang ni xa sa ako to brought it up... ang nasa thoughts na wala kayo nako na figure out ang issues . My emotions clouded my mind. I feel sorry for myself about it.

I understand that communication is very important for me... Compromise to each other but we have different understanding , interpretation and direction. Thus, we're not compatible, we're not meant  for each other and you are more so far on my ideals or ideal man to be with in my life and God do really have good reasons and purpose on this, that we are not longer have each other. You are not for me!

Thank you for everything.

Thank you so much for loving me over 16 months. It was shaken my character, peacefulness and destroyed  fortress but it makes felt so happy during those days. I never regret that I have loved you.

I’m better now and thank you for letting me breathe.

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