Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its the end Goodbye!

I maybe happy somewhere even if I can't. I know I'm not that strong. Right now I'm not doing well in this relationship....Perhaps I dont know how to care and love. I know I am too clingy that drives away the person that I love most, it is my fault I admit. I was so investigative that drives the person to make him feel that he was suspected but the fact is that I was just too much interested on his whereabouts which leads me to at stake. I'm asking for forgiveness to the Lord almighty so to the person. But there are things that cannot be forgiven and forget easily I understand I know the feeling. Perhaps I am just a girl doesn't know what love is and wants to know what it is together with the person I love. He needs space. Perhaps the person I love wants to break up me with me. But I am not the kind of person who will give up easily if I know I still love him. I wont break up with him but if in case the person I love would ask for freedom, I will let him if thats what he wants. I love him but if he doesnt love me anymore I wont force him to love me. I may hate to see the one I love is happy with somebody, but I will surely hate it more to see that the one I love is unhappy with me. If he ask for freedom I may cry and crying but I'm still grateful somehow.1

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