Monday, October 25, 2010

I'd Say Yes To Stranger

I don't know. I can't explain but It was just happened. I say yes to tan. We've been from church ate dinner and he took me home. And then talk a little bit in our house. i don't know we are talking about my hands that he said it is so small. Unlike to him its big. So I have opened out about my shout out in the face book that was related of what we are talking about. I told him that it was about my disposition. Which states as this "The size of my heart is just small as my fist to be shattered so please be careful with it ;-) " and then he handed my fist and told me "I will", I told him that I love him already and then he asked me "what was happen to what you've told me, I am willing to wait for you and what about you are going to establish your self first? " and then i answered that "I don't know, maybe this is the time. " and then we both smile and affirmed. So that was very odd feeling for me. But I can't help that's what I felt. i cried and my hands were shaken I don't know why I cried maybe because it felt like the first time I haven't felt like this before and partly I am afraid, afraid of being hurt. It's like accepting him and taking a risk. I don't know but I guess this is it. The thing we called LOVE!

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