Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our First Monthsary

Today is our first monthsary, I failed to gave my honey a gift. But the truth is that I don't have any plans to give him any materials. which I am not particular of. Instead I just gave him an untitled poem, which I have posted before this. So telling you on how we spent our first monthsary??? So simple! as I have finished my online job,He fetch me from home, he brought again bouquet of red roses. we just ate dinner together. And we hanged to our favorite park, sitting and gazing stars when he surprisingly handed his card to me. He read it for me. He asked for apology for he wasn't able to write the original one for having his hectic schedule from his work.

I answered him that it's okay how thoughtful of you! i really appreciated the way he transcribe this one it was so dainty for me.

The card was entitled "No Matter What I love You" written by Beverly K. Metott. He said that this is what he actually felt and thankful for the author for writing this, its congruent to his feeling with me. It says

"Despite any obstacles that could our way and all the many differences we've shared I find myself loving you more with time.

I love you when our moods vary and when our opinions go in opposite directions. I love you when your ideas aren't quite the same as mine and our beliefs clash.
I love you when you take a stand on what you feel is absolutely right , even if I don't feel the same way.
I even love you when you're tired and grumpy and don't want much to do with me at that moment.
What I'm trying to say is that I love you no matter what even as we struggle to be our own individuals.
It doesn't matter how different we may be. As I've spent more and more time by your side, I've learned that I love you most of all because you are different from me and can express it.
I love you for what you believe , for the emotions you feel, and for the ideas that help me open my mind to possibilities I haven't yet explored. "

he expressed what he felt through this... I just said thank you!

I don't have any gifts for him the next time I will give him something that he can be with everyday. I am thinking of something for him to use or any thing.


  1. Naks! congrats and good luck. Naalala ko tuloy bigla nung nililigawan pa ako ng wife ko. Hahaha!

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