Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bonding With My BFF

Its been a couple of months that I haven't seen and talked to my best friend Zarah. So I decided to attend the service of the church of my best friend Zarah. I am so blessed with the topic, its all about the "Who I am". I reflected on what the pastor have taught to us that its not about on how you look, how you act and how astounding your profession is, but its on knowing the Jesus within you, recognizing him as your savior, having him as a model in every step of the way of your day to day activities.

I met again the boyfriend of Zarah his name is Mark, he is the first boy friend of Zarah. Zarah talked about him and as I listened to her she has lots of fear also in intimate relationship as I have with mine. There is no wonder that we are best friends we understand and listen to each other’s situation in life. We ate at Mcdonalds as Mark will going to sent their elders to their homes. We talked about our updates in life and in career. After we ate Mark fetch us and I wasn’t able to go with them for their next destination for I have felt cold again and must go home early.

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