Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tonight we’ll be having gathering with our friends in the bar but I decided not to come for the reason that I am not physically well. But instead, I accompanied my boyfriend before the event, buying gift for the upcoming Christmas party for their office. I helped him to choose what to buy. After that we ate at the near restaurant and then we saw our common friend Dadz with his friend girl named … I forgot.

After we ate my bf saw me shiver and asked me if where is my jacket?, I usually bring my jacket when I got out for the reason that I can’t stay long in cold places. I turned pale in the cold that’s why I always bring my jacket. But this time I forgot. He told me why I forgot then I irritably answered him back that I forgot!. As we ride and sent me to my friend’s house as I choose to say and not to go in the bar, we kept silent and as if we’re in tension. My temper was not good anymore but when he touched my hand my mood became better. I told him I’m sorry for what I reacted. He answered that I should always bring my jacket next time. When we arrived, he told me to take care of myself and I told him the same words as he leaves.

For about 30 minutes I guess, he sms me and told me that he returned and I should go out for he had something that he forgot to give me. I told him was is it? He replied something to wear. I went outside and found out that he bought a jacket for me. I again reacted irritably and blabbered “why you bought bla bla”. I accepted it.

After the bar’s gathering with our friends he stopped over and returned again to my friend’s house and we talked. I apologized again for my impulsive temper. And I thanked him for the jacket I really appreciated and kissed him in his chick. I told him that I don’t like the stance when you overly spend money for me. But I do really appreciate what you did for me tonight, how thoughtful and caring of you. He answered, “let’s think of this way, when we go out and every time you forget to bring your jacket or I will always buy one for you to wear, you choose ! , my concern is your health and it’s because I love you. ” that was the most romantic and sweetest situation I have ever experienced with my boyfriend. I just hugged him and thanked him. He said that “ hon, I have already recognized your mood swings and I don’t know what to do every time it occurs, I ought to dig in my patience for you, because I love you”. I said “ I am really sorry, me too I don’t know, maybe you just hold my hand or wrap my hand I felt calm. Or better help me pray for my condition."

I told my trusted friends for the mood swings that I have and is that my bf became my displacement every time I became impatient. I buy their idea that I cannot find better man as my bf. So you better take control of your temper for there are always limitations and too much is not good. Yes I must control my temper. I am so thankful to God for having me partner that is so understanding and very much passionate in loving me.

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