Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Soul Sisters

My acclaimed sister Mei Sui slept over in our house last night together with our two friends Evz and Anne. Mei Sui is our Psychology Professor before in my school. My friends and classmates used to tease me that we are almost alike the way I reported in our subject courses were as similar as the gestures of Mei Sui. They added that we have resemblance in height, in the shape of face and the way we stand. We continue the relationship as student and teacher as we strengthen our relationship as friends and then until to the point of we both claimed that we are sisters whenever there are people keep on asking us if we are related to each other. Mei Sui always told me and remind me to call her “ate”. I find myself awkward calling her ate then in school because she is my sister but when I graduated I am freely calling her ate. She added me as sister in the facebook and I’m so happy claiming her as my soul sister.

Talking about the happenings in our house, my sister Mei Sui cooked for us chicken adobo and carbonara and we enjoyably ate with wine.

We are having our exchange gifts, Evz got accessories from sister Mei Sui while she got Tshirt from Evz. Anne got book from me entitled Hearing God by Dallas Willard and I got Tshirt Imprinted the symbol of Peace. We talked about my illness, love life and watched Eat , Pray and Love . This is our early celebration of Christmas as a time of peace, joy and celebrating the gift of salvation from our savior Jesus Christ. Thanks Bro.

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