Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mana at Davao City

Last night that was a huge meal and party celebration with my family and relatives. We used to hang in every house of our Uncle and Aunties as what we usually do during Christmas. Gift giving and spending time together was a big impact to each and every one of us.

I want to burn the Fats that I have in my tummy. I ate lots of prawns and some foods that were rich in cholesterols. It was a cold silent night,i don't want to disturb my boyfriend who was staying in his house with is his family. So I phoned my friend and if we can hang around the metro. Unfortunately some of my friends were not be able to go with us. There is a particular park that we can see the dancing fountain, we took pictures and enjoying every moment we had by mingling at the same time. The next was we went to Mana Davao , it is a private sector who sell furnitures. They used to decorates lights outside their building and let the people take their pictures freely.

We availed the picture taking, it was like a vitamins in our eyes and all of our senses and cells were so active by then. We ate lots of chips and cake again. So we do defy the burning fat system but we do really have a great time.

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