Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Second Monthsary

Today is our second monthsary I decided to buy pillow for my honey. We both want to sleep together wholesomely, but we can’t do that of course! It can’t be it’s forbidden, crossing my values is a huge outlawed for me. So I bought him pillow so that he will be able to use it every night and something that represents me for him to hug.

He bought me a cute personalized sound musical miniature playhouse and it has frame with our picture together. Because he knows that I have trouble in sleeping at night and according to him this can be helpful when I listen to it. I agree with him I can actually sleep to it because of the sound that is so soft.

How we spend our 2nd monthsary? We went to church to pray and light candles. We went to mall and buy more gifts for my nieces. He also buy gift for his brother and sister. We bought some food for snacks and then go home. He helped me to wrap the gifts.

After those gifts wrapping, he needs to go home for the spending Christmas with his family. It’s my first Christmas to celebrate having boyfriend and an early gift for myself.


  1. I must buy that pillow! It's very customized and touchy. I like the idea, cool! But I can't seem to read the whole message. =)

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